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Homeowner Analytical Results Evaluation Package


AGES Energy offers several packages for which a qualified hydrogeological professional will review the analytical results provided to landowners by natural gas drilling companies, those generated by AGES Energy sampling or other third party sampling. Hiring AGES Energy to review results allows for independent measure and documentation of trends and impacts. Analytical results are difficult to read and the presentation of the results will vary laboratory by laboratory. Water result reports can include scientific language, symbols, and acronyms that can be difficult to interpret. Most reports will contain the following basic information:

  • Client and Sample Information - basic information about the location of the water supply (address), type of water supply, person collecting the water samples, and dates of sample collection and lab analyses.
  • Analyses – a listing of all of the water test parameters that were analyzed by the laboratory. The number of parameters can vary depending on what was requested by the gas drilling company or the homeowner. There is no required list of parameters which must be tested in relation to gas well drilling.
  • Results - The most important information on your water test report are the actual results that the laboratory found for the water sample. The result for each test should be compared to the drinking water standard for that parameter. Sometimes, a water test result will be reported as "ND" (not detected), which means that the lab was unable to detect any of that compound with its instrumentation.

AGES Energy can assist in reviewing proper sample handling, preservation and shipment, along with providing the customer a professional interpretation of the results. Results can be compared to appropriate drinking water standards. AGES Energy can then assist with proper management of the sampled drinking water source. A written evaluation of the results will be provided to the customer in varying levels of effort.

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