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Regulatory Routine and Post-Drilling Well Sampling


AGES has over 100 years of combined environmental experience, which includes soil, sediment, and water sampling programs with a focus on groundwater and surface water monitoring projects. Over the past several years, AGES staff members have conducted routine monitoring and sampling programs that have included over 500 wells. Our sampling staff routinely performs surface water, groundwater, and wastewater sampling services using a wide range of techniques, including lowflow, traditional bailing, and submersible pumps. With our experience and highly trained staff, each project follows strict quality assurance protocol and quality control measures which are documented carefully.

AGES has close working relationships with a diverse network of certified laboratories that provides us with the options and capabilities to meet our client’s analytical requirements. After the field sampling is completed and the laboratory data received, AGES provides reports from a letter report format to more detailed technical reports to meet our client’s needs and 

In addition, AGES has a fleet of field vehicles equipped with 4-wheel-drive and crossover utility vehicles allowing our sampling crews to access sites in most locations and conditions. With AGES’ detailed oriented staff and staffing flexibility, we are able to provide top rate service to our smaller clients and have the resources to management sampling programs for major utility companies.


For a free online groundwater sampling quote, CLICK HERE

or call AGES Energy Field Services at (412) 264-6453 for more information


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