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PCB Field Screening Assessments for Soil



Our staff has pioneered the use of immunoassay kits to screen soil and concrete samples in the field. The kits employ a two (2) step sample analysis system that can be used in the field to provide real-time field analytical results that correlate with lab results. AGES Energy is able to identify samples that contain PCBs greater than a pre-determined limit (e.g. 1 ppm, 25 ppm or 50 ppm). The field testing results provide a quick means to determine whether additional removal of PCB-affected media is required prior to confirmatory sampling for standard laboratory analysis.

We have successfully applied this technology at well over 100 sites. The result of immunoassay kit testing is the elimination of costly re-digs and remobilizations. It helps to reduce the overall volume of soil excavated and associated disposal costs. Finally, this method of testing can cut the time frames for remedial projects by 50% or more. Overall, our track record for success on PCB remedial projects is unmatched in the field.


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