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Environmental Inspections


AGES Energy provides a full range of construction and post-construction inspection services for corridor projects (natural gas, oil and product pipelines, electrical transmission lines and water/sewage projects). This includes full-time environmental inspection and documentation, third-party monitoring, audits of company inspection and documentation procedures to improve the company’s compliance with environmental regulations.  AGES Energy provides experienced, knowledgeable, technical consultants at competitive rates.  Specific services include:

  • Electronic Tracking and Reporting
  • Environmental Health and Safety Due Diligence and Compliance Auditing
  • Environmental Health and Safety Training
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Field Monitoring/Inspection Services, Including FERC Inspection
  • Post-Construction Monitoring and Mitigation Planning
  • Third-Party Inspection

Each AGES Environmental Inspector has FERC, SGA or AGES Energy Environmental Inspection Training.  In addition, they have prior experience with and knowledge of plans and procedures.  Our Environmental Inspectors apply their knowledge of construction and review project documentation to resolve potential environmental compliance issues.  Our Environmental Inspectors understand the requirements for cleanup/restoration phase of the project and are familiar with required documentation and reports. Our group of Environmental Inspectors has extensive experience in achieving compliance by the contractor. Our intelligent approach to communication is a key reason why our clients keep using AGES Energy. We structure our teams by grouping inspectors based on their management style, experience and knowledge and size of project.


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