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Preparation of Impacted Equipment for Transport in Loudoun County, Virginia




In 2010, a natural gas compressor station needed to ship a compressor unit, its meal pedestal and undercarriage offsite for repair. Historic sampling indicated that paint on the unit was impacted by PCBs.  Based on this result, the unit could not be shipped until all paint was removed. The client requested that AGES Energy oversee the removal action to prepare the unit for shipment.

Project Work:


Paint Sampling

In April 2011, AGES Energy staff collected two template wipe samples and two paint samples to confirm historic sampling results. Laboratory analysis concluded that the two paint samples contained elevated concentrations of PCBs.  Based on current and past paint results, paint removal was required on the entire unit, associated undercarriage, and pedestal prior to shipping.

Paint Removal Action

With AGES Energy oversight, a subcontractor power-washed the unit, undercarriage, and pedestal with water and a degreasing agent prior to the paint removal activities.  A plastic containment was constructed around the pedestal to contain all blasting material. All paint was removed using a dry-ice blasting unit, sandblasting unit, a needle gun, and/or rotopene connected to a dustless, portable vacuum. The blasting continued until NACE 2 standards were achieved. All paint accumulated during paint removal activities, disposable Personal Protective Equipment and decontamination fluids were disposed of in accordance with regulatory standards.

Confirmation Sampling and Results 

Because the unit was blast-cleaned and reached NACE 2 standard, the project was complete. However, the client requested that AGES Energy collect further wipe samples of the blast-cleaned surface of the unit as a conservative measure. Laboratory analysis confirmed that no further action was required and the unit was approved to be shipped offsite for repair.  

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