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Petroleum Pipeline Replacement in High Quality Wetlands in Trumbull & Portage Counties, Ohio



Project Work:

Applied Geology and Environmental Science (AGES), Inc. secured permits from Ohio EPA and the US Army Corps of Engineers to replace defective sections of pipelines in wetlands located in Trumbull and Portage Counties, Ohio. One extraordinary wetland site where work is being completed scored 91/100 on Ohio EPA's Rapid Assessment Method (ORAM) for wetlands. The sites required specialized site controls including Portadams, earthen dikes, and sheet piling to allow construction activities.  AGES provided environmental project management and oversight at these sensitive wetland sites.  Compensation for temporary wetland impacts was completed on-site through the implementation of a control program for invasive Phragmites stands that established along the edges of the 200 acre wetland.

Key Features:  

AGES provided Environmental Permitting, Environmental Compliance, Environmental Inspectors and Wetland Restoration services.



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