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Diamond Sock™ Netting




Diamond Sock™ Netting is available in a variety of materials which include a High Density Polyethylene (5-mil HDPE), Multi-Filament Polypropylene (MFPP), Heavy Duty Multi-Filament Polypropylene (HDMFPP) and Heavy Duty Multi-Filament Polyester (HDMFPE).

Installer Netting is available in the High Density Polyethylene (5-mil HDPE) and the Multi-Filament Polypropylene (MFPP). These materials are photodegradable meaning the natural ultraviolet radiation degrades the chemical bond or link in the polymer or chemical structure of plastic. "Field Ready" and packaged in the Diamond Vac Pack™, these nettings are easy to apply with a filling machine.

Pallet Netting is only available in Heavy Duty Multi-Filament Polypropylene (HDMFPP). Pallet Netting is photodegradable and comes packaged in rolls. Application for use in rugged field installation; this material has a minimum functional longevity of 2 years.

HV-X Netting is manufactured in a Hi-Vis Green color and constructed of a Heavy Duty Multi-Filament Polyester (HDMFPE). This material is negligible degradable meaning very little will break down. HV-X Netting is packaged in rolls and used for extreme applications such as extended duration, OSHA safety requirement, permanent vegetation or when complete removal is required. Minimum functional longevity of 3-5 years.




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