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Diamond Sock™ Compost Filter Sock


AGES Energy Field Services is a registered Diamond Sock™ Distributor. Diamond Sock™ compost filter sock is a tubular mesh sleeve that contains composted wood material. It meets PADEP and NRCS specifications for erosion control applications. Compost filter sock is a linear, land-based treatment that removes storm water pollutants through filtration and deposition of soluble pollutants, suspended solids and sediments. Diamond Sock™ compost filter sock is available in 8 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch and 24 inch diameters. AGES promotes the use of compost filter sock because of its effectiveness in absorbing sediments, bacteria and some many hydrocarbons (gasoline and diesel fuel). It has a reduced maintenance factor when compared to silt fence.

The USDA NRCS Agronomy Tech Note 4 - Utilization of Compost Filter Socks states the following advantages:

  • No trenching is required, thereby no soil, plant, or root disturbance; and can be installed on severely compacted or frozen soils and paved surfaces.
  • Compost filter socks are made from bio-based, recycled, and locally available materials.
  • Typically composed of plant materials indigenous to the bioregion (native or adapted) in which it will be used, these compost materials enrich the biological production process of soils, thereby increasing the stability and services of the soil ecosystem.
  • Filter socks can be spread or incorporated into existing soil, increasing soil organic matter, improving soil quality, and reducing waste and disposal costs.
  • Sediment, nutrients, harmful bacteria, heavy metals, and petroleum hydrocarbons are reduced in storm water runoff.
  • Soil erosion on hill slopes, slows flow velocity in swales and ditches are reduced, and energy of sheet and concentrated flows are reduced.
  • Filter socks are easily designed and customized for a variety of land-based filtration and pollutant removal applications.
  • Microorganisms in compost materials can naturally bio-remediate trapped pollutants in-situ.


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